VCI Plastic Bags

Safepack VCI Plastic Bags are designed for packaging cargo goods and products to ensure long life and protection from corrosion.

Key Features
  • Best in class protection against moisture, oxygen transmission, corrosion, physical damage, odour transfer
  • Corrosion is kept at bay by maintaining humidity level below 40 RH.
  • Overall cost reduction by way of reduced desiccant/preservatives, packing case cost and rejections due to corrosion and spoilage of packed products

Safepack VCI Plastic Bag is impregnated with VCI chemicals designed for protection of multi-metals against corrosion. It protects metals by direct contact and by vapour action. VCI Plastic Bag is a transparent film which allows users to easily identify & inspect parts without opening the package.


Packaging of metal parts, automotive and electronic parts.

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