Sr. Hot / Cold Beverages Portion Packs for sugar, salt, tea, pepper, etc. Ice cream/Pizzas / Cakes Biscuits / Snacks / Confectionary / Spices Dairy products Dehydrated food products Semi Solid food items like sauces, Jams, spreads
1 Biopolymer/Biodegradable Cupstock board  /Polycoated Cupstock board Biopolymer / Polycoated Poster Polycoated FBB Multicolor multilayer laminates Al Foil Laminated Chromo Paper Al Foil Laminated Chromo Paper Aluminium Barrier Layer (ABL)
2 Biopolymer / Polycoated chromo Polycoated Duplex Board
3 Biopolymer / Polycoated OLB/Glassine Polycoated CNK Al Foil Laminated Poster Paper Al Foil Laminated Poster Paper Plastic Barrier Layer (PBL)
4 Polycoated SBS
5 Multicolor multilayer laminates
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