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Answers on your Frequently Asked VCI Paper (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Paper) Related Questions

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What is VCI Paper ?

VCI is a Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor, VCI Paper is high-performance VCI coated on either side of virgin craft paper. VCI Anti-Rust paper mostly available in 2 grades ferrous grade and multi-metal grade with/without PE coating

How does VCI Paper Work ?

VCI chemicals dissociate into anions and cations with moisture as an electrolyte. These anions and cations associate with anodic and cathodic Reactive areas respectively on the metal surface forming a moni-ionic protective layer , making it inert for any further reaction such as oxidation /rusting . Any loss of ions is replenished through further condensation of vapour ensuring continuous protection.

How Long does VCI Paper Last ?

If stored properly as per the std guidelines, it can last up to 2 years

How to use VCI Paper ?

You can wrap the VCI paper on metal components – opposite to printing side should be in touch with component surface. It works in contact phase as well as vapor phase. Please refer below image

how to use vci paper

What is VCI Paper used for ?

VCI Paper used for corrosion prevention of FE (Ferrous) and None FE metals, also it has a wide spectrum of applications like small metal parts wrapping of motor and pumps, automotive components (small/big), multi-metal castings and forgings, pressed blanks & components, parts & components (machined) and many more.

When to use VCI Paper ?

You can use it for inhouse storage corrosion prevention or corrossion prevention in transit, At the time of exports you can use additional VCI desiccants for extra protection.


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About Safepack

SAFEPACK VCI Anti-corrosives are recognised as “The Top Performing” by global giants across USA–EU–JAPAN. The credit goes to the persistent research of our chemists & metallurgists over decades to invent and synthesize eco-friendly high-performance green VCI chemistry. Our belief and technology make us growing VCI paper manufacturers & Suppliers in India and across the Globe.

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