VCI Shrink film | VCI Shrink Wrap

What is VCI Shrink Film or Wrap

VCI shrink film is heat shrinkable and heat sealable. This film is generally referred as shrink wrap. This product is designed to be an alternative to expensive multi-layer laminated flexible structures and eliminates the need for vacuum packaging and dehumidification.The shrink film fits more tightly around objects, reducing or eliminating wear and tear in windy conditions. The shrink film can be welded together onsite through the use of the same handheld heat guns used to shrink the films, they can offer barriers to water, dust and other contaminates.

Why Safepack’s UV Stabilized Anticorrosive/VCI Shrink film – SP MSF.

VCI shrink film/wrap provides an extremely dry method of protection. It protects metals both through direct contact and vapour action. The high-tech VCI chemicals have a property of evaporating into the surrounding enclosure. The released vapour deposits on the metal surface and forms a protective mono-ionic layer which provides protection to the packed parts from corrosion. Also, UV stabilized masterbatches are added during the production of film. UV stabilizers work by absorbing or screening out UV radiation and preventing damage thus protects the film from the long-term degradation due to UV light when stored outside. It thus enables effective and long term protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals against corrosion & external environment.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • VCI vapors easily migrate to hard to reach areas like drilled holes, crevices etc. & gives effective protection during storage and transit.
  • The Molecular VCI layer does not affect physical surface properties. Also eliminates the need of spraying, wiping, dipping or surface preparation
  • It securely wraps irregularly shaped equipments / products that are difficult to wrap and move.
  • Its most affordable cost effective packaging material.
  • When heat is applied, it shrinks, strengthens and conforms to the shape of the Packaged item to provide Strong & tight pack
  • Immediate use of protected object upon removal.
  • Impregnated UV stabilizers protect the film upto 2 years from external environment.
  • Environmental friendly recyclable material


  • Military vehicles and equipment preservation
  • Export packaging of expensive larger equipment.
  • Recreational vehicles (boats, snowmobiles, etc.) preservation
  • Packing of Valves, Crank Shaft. Piston, Computer, Instruments. Machinery Components & Many more…

Environment Concern:

  • Nitrite free nontoxic material
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Environment friendly

Other SP-VCI Films for various industrial applications

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