VCI Paper

SAFEPACK VCI Anti-corrosives are recognised as “The Top Performing” by global giants across USA–EU–JAPAN. The credit goes to the persistent research of our chemists & metallurgists over decades to invent and synthesize eco-friendly high-performance green VCI chemistry. Our belief and technology make us growing VCI paper manufacturers & Suppliers in India and across the Globe.

VCI Anti-Corrosion Paper

Safepack VCI Paper is a specially matured kraft paper that provides strong protection against rusting even in adverse climatic conditions. Our VCI papers are available in 2 grades; ferrous grade and multi-metal grade with/without PE coating.


Safepack VCI Papers have a wide spectrum of applications like wrapping around small parts of pumps and motors, spare parts and tools, small parts of automobile components, lightweight multi-metal castings and forgings, pressed blanks & components, machined parts & components, and many more. This VCI paper or rust prevention paper can also be used as interleaving sheets where multiple parts are stacked inside a box/carton.VCI packaging paper gives effective corrosion protection with ease of application.


Safepack VCI Papers are specially matured kraft paper with one side impregnated with high-tech multi-metal volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs). The other side can be coated with polyethylene to impart the moisture barrier properties. The high-tech VCI chemicals used to make these papers have a property of evaporating into the surrounding enclosure. The released vapour deposits on the metal surface and forms a protective mono-molecular layer, which provides protection to the packed parts from corrosion.We make and supply anti corrosion VCI  paper rolls and sheets on a large scale on continues basis.

Key Points:
  • Impregnated with specially engineered hi-tech VCI chemicals
  • Protection for ferrous, non-ferrous and composite metals
  • VCIs do not affect electrical, optical and surface properties
  • SP-VCI corrosion inhibitor Paper is stable at normal storage conditions.
  • Simple WRAP=>OPEN=> USE method
  • Eco-friendly & recyclable

Safepack offers the most selective selection of Volatile corrosion inhibitor (vci) paper for various industries

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Products and solutionsDistributors and agentsSuppliers