VCI Oils (Anti-rust oil)

Safepack’s Anti-Corrosion VCI Oil is a multipurpose rust preventive oil, dispersed with hi-tech VCI chemicals. It is the most viable option where VCI Paper, VCI Powder and VCI Tablets cannot be used. Safepack is a leading VCI rust preventive oil manufacturer and supplier in India and worldwide.

Key Points

  • Ideal for protection of closed systems such as Gear Boxes / Fuel Tanks
  • Need not be removed before use from fuel tank as it burns with zero ash and is combustible with auto fuels
  • Rust preventive oil compatible with conventional lubricating oils and enhances their rust preventive performance


Safepack’s VCI Oil is dispersed with hi-tech VCI chemicals that form a nearly invisible clear thin protective layer on the metal surface. It is fast drying with the property of neutralizing acidic radicals that adhere on metal surface, providing continuous protection to machinery during operation, standby or shutdown periods.


VCI Oil is useful for preventing rusting of ferrous metal components such as castings, forgings, sheet metal parts, cold rolled coil/sheets/wires, automobile components, metal pipes and tubes (both in internal and external surfaces), pressed components, etc.

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