SAFEPACK VCI Anti-corrosives are recognised as “The Top Performing” by global giants across USA–EU–JAPAN. The credit goes to the persistent research of our chemists & metallurgists over decades to invent and synthesize eco-friendly high performance green VCI chemistry.

VCI Water/Solvent Liquids

Safepack’s AntiCorrosion VCI Solvent is a VCI chemical and pre-wash solution ideal for washing/rinsing ferrous and non-ferrous metal components and parts.

Key Points
  • Simple dip, dry & use mechanism
  • Liquid solvents hold onto the metal components, hence no removal required
  • Ideal for hydro testing of pumps and valves
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly and effective in all kinds of environments

Safepack’s VCI Solvent is a specially developed multipurpose solution having hi-tech VCI chemicals dispersed in water/solvent base with degreasing property. The VCI solvent provides an effective method of protection during in-process storage till the final use, protecting metals through direct contact and vapour action.

The high-tech VCI chemicals deposit on metal surfaces and form a protective mono-molecular layer, preventing the parts from corrosion and rusting. For optimum results, use with Safepack VCI polythene sheet, VCI plastic film or a VCI laminated paper.


Used to protect ferrous metal coils/sheets/wires, automobile components, metal pipes and tubes, castings, forgings, pressed components and more.

Safepack™ also offers one of the most cost effective forms of liquid corrosion inhibitor.

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