VCI Foam

Safepack Anticorrosion VCI Foams are powerful protectors specially designed for expensive & delicate parts, offering cushioning effect thereby extending the life of the product.

Key Features

  • High load of hi-tech VCIs with multi-metal protection for longer period
  • Do not affect electrical, optical and surface properties
  • Effective protection from H2S, SO2, ammonia & humidity
  • Eco-friendly


Safepack VCI Foams are flat PU foams containing hi-tech Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting chemicals. These chemicals sublimate and deposit on metal surfaces forming a protective mono-molecular layer that offers effective protection against corrosion and oxidation to delicate, hard to reach surfaces.


VCI Foams offer protection to ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces and hard to reach areas like drill holes, crevices, delicate electrical and electronic equipment, components, etc. They are widely used as liners for storage bins.

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