VCI Aluminium Bags

Safepack VCI Aluminium Bags are flexible, heat-sealable, anti-corrosion barrier laminates consisting of polyester, aluminium foil & VCI polyethylene. It is a packaging material preferred for seaworthy exports.

Key Features

  • Performs by maintaining the humidity level below 40 RH inside the package
  • Provides corrosion protection to wide range of metal types
  • Custom made product produced & delivered in the form of rolls & 2D bags
  • Excellent protection against OTR, physical damage, odour transfer, UV protection, oils, grease, acid & alkalis
  • Excellent stiffness


Construction of Laminate

  • White LLDPE Film: 90 gsm
  • Reinforcement (scrim): 06 gsm
  • Bonding Layer: 03 gsm
  • Aluminium Foil: 19 gsm
  • Bonding Layer: 03 gsm
  • PET Film: 17 gsm
  • Total Thickness: 138 gsm
  • Trade Tolerance: +/- 5%

Sizes & Type:

  • VCI Rolls: Width 0.75m & 1.00m Length 100 Lm
  • Availability: Box Bags with Centre seal / Base sheet/ Lid / Zipper/ Attached Lid & Flat Bags. Custom rolls & bags can be made on request.


  • Automotive / Engineering/ Steel Industries
  • Electrical / Electronic Industries
  • Aerospace / Defence Industries
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