VCI Paper – Scrim Reinforced


Safepack Scrim Reinforced wrap is a tough and durable paper laminate that protects wrapped products against moisture, rust, and other environmental hazards.

Key Features

  • Provides excellent processing ability (die cutting, folding, printing etc.) on all conventional as well as high-speed envelope lines
  • Customizable in various colors and special surfaces for specific customer requirements
  • Water/moisture resistance
  • Much better tear strength
  • Elegant & lightweight
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Much improved durability & wet strength
  • Recyclable by mechanical separation with existing equipment


VCI Scrim Reinforced Metal wrap consists of a paper substrate, criss-cross polyester/glass fiber scrim and VCI materials that offer high moisture barrier and heat sealing technology.


  • For protecting metals and other parts from rust and moisture.

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