Special Grades of Crepe Paper

Crepe paper is a popular packaging solution due its increased strength, cushioning properties and affordable cost.


Crepe paper has troughs and crests in its structure that gives it a cushioning effect. It also gives high mechanical strength. The crepe paper conforms well around curved surfaces so it does not tear due to high stress conditions. Its physical structure also gives it anti-slip properties. These properties make crepe paper a preferred choice of our customers.

  • Creping pattern provides Cushioning effect.
  • Good conformability to curved surfaces.
  • High tear resistance.
  • Uniform creping pattern for pleasant look.
  • Available in two options: High strength for tough use OR ordinary grade for normal use.
  • Good holding to packed substrates.
  • Economical packing solution.

Safepack offers special grades of crepe paper that serves various industries as below:

1. Crepe Paper for Al profile packing 
For all the Aluminum extrusion profile manufactures, storage and transportation requires a packing material that provides a scratch prone surface of Al profiles. Crepe paper is excellent choice for this application.

  • Creping patterns provides cushioning effect and protects the surface from scratches during storage & transportation.
  • Good conformability to curved surfaces. High tear resistance.
  • Available in printed form for brand recognition.

2. Crepe Paper for Bag Stitching Applications 
Fabric laminated paper bags for powdered material packaging requires leak-proof stitching to ensure that material does not leak through stitched areas. Crepe paper pieces inserted during stitching holds thread firmly at stitching area and forms a leak-proof product.

  • Uniform creping pattern to offers uniform stitching area.
  • Available in recycled/ ordinary grade and HS grades.

3. Crepe Paper for fragile good packing 
Crepe paper due to its physical structure offers excellent cushioning and thereby is a popular choice for fragile good manufacturers.

  • It has increased strength & has ability to conform well around curved surfaces.
  • Wrapping of irregular surfaces without tearing.
  • It is economical & eco-friendly packaging option as compared to Plastic Packing materials like air bubble films, foams etc.

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