High Heat Resistant Separator Laminate

The fragrance market is showing a steady growth during last few years due to growing importance towards personal grooming & appearance coupled with increasing consumer spendings on beauty and wellness products.

A need to protect the aesthetics of the package till it reaches consumer is absolute necessity of the industry. Present packing standards fails to comply this need since after filling hot contents, due to temperature the separator walls in box tend to melt & stick to the glass bottles spoiling the aesthetics.

In order to protect aesthetics, the paperboard coated with High Heat Resistant polymer from both the sides. This laminate is then being used for preparing separators in CFB boxes. These separators prevent sticking to glass bottles & protects premium grade perfume bottles during storage & transport.

  • HHR PE/ Paperboard/ HHR PE
  • Excellent strength of laminate offers complete package safety throughout the lifecycle.
  • Special polymers having high heat resistancy avoid sticking of separator walls to bottles.
  • This polymer layer has low COF that helps to hold the bottles in place.
  • During manufacturing no solvents & chemicals are used therefore no occurrence of solvent odor that may otherwise imparts foul smell to the perfume bottles.

Laminate for making High Heat Resistant Separator Liner for CFB boxes.

Brief specifications:
  • Basis Weight – Gsm/ Custom
  • Width –
    • Jumbo reel form mm – mm

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