Cheese packaging

Cheese Wrapper

Cheese is a delicately flavoured product, with high fat content and moisture content. Cheese needs to be protected against moisture loss and ingress of oxygen in order to maintain the desired quality characteristics.

The packaging material should protect cheese against physical, chemical or microbial contamination. Mold growth is also prime concern. Since mold are aerobic, their growth can be prevented by covering the cheese with suitable packing material with low permeability to oxygen and free of pin holes. By preventing contamination, packaging serves to reduce losses due to spoilage & therby increases economic return.

Safepack offers multilayered laminate made from Al foil, Paper & special polymers for cheese wrapping. Paper used is elegant fat resistant paper & polymers used are food grade.

  • Al foil / PE / MG Poster / PE
  • Laminate while storage bars permeatation of refrigeration odor & ultraviolet rays thereby preventing oxidized flavor.
  • Exhibit excellent dead fold characteristic.
  • During manufacturing no solvent is used therefore no smell traces of solvent.
  • Al foil along with special polymers protects butter from chemical spoilage and rancidity caused by oxygen, light, heat & moisture.

Packaging of Cheese.

Brief specifications:
  • Basis Weight – 94 Gsm / Custom
  • Width –
    • Jumbo reel form 700 mm – 1250 mm
    • Slitted coils – As per the requireme

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