Butter Wrapping Paper

Butter Packaging Paper/Butter Wrapper

Butter Wrapper

Butter is a volatile dairy product that solidifies in cool temperatures, separates in room temperature and liquefies in higher temperatures. Due to high moisture content, Butter, unlike solid fats is susceptible to mold growth. Flavour and odour are easily affected by absorption from other materials or through spoilage of butter due to rancidity.

The packaging material should therefore be opaque and provides a high barrier against oxygen and foreign odours. Thus, the selection of right type of packaging material is a key in order to maintain the products integrity.

Safepack offers multilayered laminate made from Al foil, Paper & special polymers for butter wrapping. Butter wrap paper used is elegant fat resistant paper & polymers used are food grade.

  • Al foil / PE / MG Poster / PE
  • Laminate while storage bars permeatation of refrigeration odor & ultraviolet rays thereby preventing oxidized flavor.
  • Exhibit excellent dead fold characteristic.
  • During manufacturing no solvent is used therefore no smell traces of solvent.
  • Al foil along with special polymers protects butter from chemical spoilage and rancidity caused by oxygen, light, heat & moisture.

Packaging of Butter & Margarine

Brief specifications:.

  • Grammage – 94 gsm / Custom
  • Width –
    • Jumbo reel form 700 mm – 1250 mm
    • Slitted coils – As per the requirement

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