Polycoated Cupstock Paper & Board

PE Coated Paper/Board (Cupstock)

Formable Polycoated Cupstock Board

“SafeCupstock” is a Polycoated Cupstock board (Bleached/ Unbleached) providing tailor-made solution for Disposable hot & cold drinking cups, dry food trays and dairy products.

For food service purposes, major coating option is PE which could be coated on one or both sides of the board.(1 side / 2 side coating)

  1. 1PE SafeCupstock: Mat finish polycoated on one side.
  2. 2PE SafeCupstock: Inner side Mat finish polycoated for sealing & outer side gloss finish polycoated for better printing effects.
  • Cupstock Board/ PE
  • PE/ Cupstock Board/ PE
  • Safecupstock boards are strong, formable, source reductive, convertable, printable, and runnable.
  • These boards can be coated with a wide variety of barrier substances to provide effective protection against undesirable effects caused by light, oxygen, humidity, grease or heat.
  • PE coating on board makes board liquid tight. Also provides humidity protection and good sealing properties.
  • PE coated cupstock paper/board with Excellent dimensional stability
  • Excellent convertibility on cup machines.
  • Our Poly coated cupstock paper/board is Suitable for offset printing
  • Excellent rim formation
  • Both FDA and BFR certified
  • Environment friendly and recyclable

SafeCupstock boards have also been developed in such a way, which makes them ideal for integrated applications. By simply using conventional lidding techniques, various lid materials can be heat sealed onto the package.

We are global manufacturer and supplier of PE/POLY coated cup stock paper & board.

 Applications: Paper cups for beverage such as
  • Soda
  • Juice
  • Hot tea
  • Hot coffee
  • Buckets for food
  • Paper bowls for soup / noodles
  • Take away boxes
  • Ice cream cups
Brief specifications:
  • Base board gsm – 170/ 180/190/ 210/ 220/ 230/ 250/ 270/300 gsm
  • PE coating gsm – 12/ 15/ 18/ 20/ 22 gsm
  • Width –
    • Jumbo reel form 900 mm – 1850 mm
    • Slitted coils – As per the requirement
    • Sheet form – As per the requirement
      Max Cutting width 1400mm
      Max Cutting Length 1200mm

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