Polycoated and/or Antimold Treated Stiffener Board

Safepack offers Stiffener Board as an Inner Liner of Soap Wrapper that effectively addresses problem of loss of moisture & fungal infection to bath soap packed.

Our ARSR grade stiffener boards have improved strength in MD direction that can be effectively wrapped around the lateral side of bath soap bar. These boards are used in packaging bath soap as they are less prone to deformation along the lateral sides. This makes the stiffener characteristics more suitable for retaining the envelope wrapped shape of the package to a significant, ensuring it reaches the customer in the same condition.

Our wrapper categories are:

I. Polycoated Stiffener Board
II. Antimould treated Stiffener Board
III. Polycoated & Antimould treated Stiffener Board

I. Polycoated Stiffener Board 

Soap bar contains free water in the form of moisture when wrapped. Normal board stiffener loses its strength after it becomes wet. The ability to protect the soap during transit will therefore be reduced.

Coating of LDPE on the Stiffener board provides strength to the wrapper & therein turns reduce failure of package dramatically. This also acts as a barrier to outer moist environment & prevents further moisture uptake by board.They also prevent or reduce loss of aroma/ perfume and volatile components from the soap bar.

II. Antimould treated Stiffener Board Since cellulose, which is the major constituent of paper, is an excellent growth medium for mould/ fungus particularly under moist warm manufacturing conditions, the use of a fungicide/ Antimold coating is essential in soap packaging to prevent spoilage.

To maintain hygiene & prevent fungus growth on soap wrapper we treat stiffener with Intace Antimold Technology. This special coating effectively addresses the problem of mould attack on bath soap bar. Below picture shows action of Antimold coated stiffener over normal stiffeners.

III. Polycoated & Antimould treated Stiffener Board Soap Inner Liner Mould attack is accelerated by warm moist conditions and as a soap bar contains free water when first wrapped, the wrapper and stiffener are initially very wet. Studies have found that if soap bar is wrapped around with a stiffener member coated with antimould coatings and at least respective outer surfaces are each protected by a plastics material, then mould growth on and within it can be entirely avoided. Thus improves shelf life of soap bar. For the same we provide single side or double side polycoated stiffeners as per requirements.


Grade of Stiffner : ARSR (Alkali & Soap Resistant)

Gsm of Board : 115/ 130/ 140/ 160 Gsm

Width : Smaller width coils as per customer’s requirement


As inner liner for bath soap wrapper.

Environmental Concern:

Manufactured under strict ISO 9001-2008 norms, it does not contain substances which are considered dangerous to health, neither in the production phase nor in the use of end product. It can be recycled and is 100% environment friendly.

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