Glass Sheets Packaging for Shipment – Best Practices, Packaging Material and Expert Tips

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Shipment of  floats or flat glass sheets and ensuring that it reaches the destination unscathed can be/is a challenge. Safepack here gives you a snapshot of the whole process, things to look out for in the packaging materials and tips to ensure successful packaging and transport.

Material Requirements for Packaging

The materials required to pack and transport a glass sheet of large size say 2250MM X 3210MM X 6MM (Length X Width X Thickness) will require to use Aluminum Barrier Foil Laminate, Cardboard, Superdry Silica Gel, Wooden Box, Steel Strap and Seal.

Following steps must follow for glass packaging during shipping and road transport

Step 1 : First set the Aluminum foil on the Auto Packer according to the size of the glass panel and position the glass in auto packer appropriately.

Step 2 : Put up the glass edge protection.

Step 3 : Wrap up the glass with foil and seal it to create vacuum inside the packing.

Step 4 : Complete the packaging by putting up the glass in wooden end cap.

Step 5 : Adequate quantity/dosage of Desiccant packets should be added before packaging in Aluminum Barrier Foil Laminate

how to pack glass panels for shipping how to ship glass sheets

Aluminium foil for Glass sheet packaging

The Aluminum Foil is the main packaging material in Glass sheet packaging. Make sure that the foil offers following:

  • Offers exceptional strength, high flexibility, heat-sealability and water vapour resistance
  • Maintains humidity level below 40 RH inside the package
  • Gives excellent protection against Oxygen transmission, physical damage, biological damage, odour transfer, Ultra Violet radiations, chemical breakdown, Oils and Greases, Acids and Alkalies
  • Restricts propagation of crack thru the laminate .

Additional Tips for safe packaging:

  • Make sure that there are no cuts in the Aluminum Barrier Foil Laminate. The vacuum generation can create issues as the packing will not get properly squeezed.
  • Make sure that you fix the Cardboard properly using the Bopp tape on glass edge.
  • Ensure that you choose a packaging supplier which can provide you wide sheets of 3-4 meters in length.
  • Look out for the filling of the joints in the wide width wrappers – there should not be any gaps in that.


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