SAFEPACK VCI Anti-corrosives are recognised as “The Top Performing” by global giants across USA–EU–JAPAN. The credit goes to the persistent research of our chemists & metallurgists over decades to invent and synthesize eco-friendly high performance green VCI chemistry.
VCI Paper

Safepack VCI Paper is a specially matured kraft paper that provides strong protection against rusting even in adverse climatic conditions. Our VCI papers are available in 2 grades; ferrous grade and multi-metal grade with/without PE coating.


SP VCI Papers have a wide spectrum of applications like wrapping around small parts of pumps and motors, spare parts and tools, small parts of automobile components, lightweight multi-metal castings and forgings, pressed blanks & components, machined parts & components, and many more. This VCI paper can also be used as interleaving sheets where multiple parts are stacked inside a box/carton.


SP VCI Papers are specially matured kraft paper with one side impregnated with high-tech multi-metal volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs). The other side can be coated with polyethylene to impart the moisture barrier properties. The high-tech VCI chemicals used to make these papers have a property of evaporating into the surrounding enclosure. The released vapour deposits on the metal surface and forms a protective mono-molecular layer, which provides protection to the packed parts from corrosion.

Key Points:
  • Impregnated with specially engineered hi-tech VCI chemicals
  • Protection for ferrous, non-ferrous and composite metals
  • VCIs do not affect electrical, optical and surface properties
  • Simple WRAP=>OPEN=> USE method
  • Eco-friendly & recyclable
VCI Poly-Coated Paper
Key Features
  • Specially designed VCI polycoated paper for use in overseas export shipping
  • Maintains moisture levels within to ensure it does not affect the product performance
  • Durable mechanical protection to achieve full cost optimization
  • Available in single/multicolour printed options
  • Controlled stiffness and folding ability for easy wrapping

Safepack VCI Polycoated paper is a high strength thin wrapper that is best suited for shipping and storage of industrial parts. It protects the contained parts from humidity, corrosion and other natural hazards. VCI Polycoated paper can also be made available in attractive printed forms to give identity to the reel packages.


Used for packaging shipment materials and parts for overseas export

VCI Crepe Paper

Safepack Anti-corrosive VCI Crepe paper is a specially matured creped Kraft paper with long lasting active VCI reserve that offers strong corrosion protection while also offering cushioning effect to the wrapped components.


Safepack VCI Crepe Papers can be used for packing of heavy duty steel coils, as interleaving layers in wire industry, packing of castings, forgings and pressed component metal, auto and engineering components, etc.


VCI Crepe Paper is a specially matured creped kraft paper impregnated with high tech, eco-friendly VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) solution. Creping is the process which comprises of crinkling (to form wrinkles) the normal paper to convert into crepe paper. Thus more area of paper is compacted in original area of paper, providing cushioning & stretching effect to paper along with much more effective & long-term corrosion protection.

Key Points:
  • Elasticity makes it perfect for automated wrapping
  • Protection for ferrous, non-ferrous and composite metals
  • VCI active on both sides makes it ideal as interleaving layer
  • Available in smaller widths up to 50 mm
  • Eco-friendly & recyclable
VCI Reinforced Paper

Safepack Reinforced VCI Paper is a tough, durable and lightweight paper laminate that protects wrapped products against moisture, rust and other environmental hazards.

Key Features
  • Provides excellent processing ability (die cutting, folding, printing etc.) on all conventional as well as high speed envelope lines
  • Customizable in various colours and special surfaces for specific customer requirements
  • Water/ moisture resistance
  • Much better tear strength
  • Elegant & lightweight
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Much improved durability & wet strength
  • Recyclable by mechanical separation with existing equipment

Reinforced VCI Paper consists primarily of paper substrate that has an added layer of fabric and VCI materials that offer high moisture barrier and heat sealing technology.

  • For protecting small metals and other parts from rust and moisture.
  • Wrapping around small parts of pumps and motors, spare parts and tools, small parts of automobile components, lightweight multi-metal castings and forgings.
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