Crepe Paper Packaging Solutions

Crepe Paper For Bookbinding

Crepe paper is used as a reinforcing material in bookbinding application. It is used as reinforcement to spines of hardcover books.

Crepe Paper is glued to the spine of a book block after sewing to add strength & also to limit stretch of the thread. Its advantage is high strength guaranteed by the contraction of crepe paper after the glue dries. It also helps book block spine to maintain its curved shape & flexibility.

Creping facilitates strength to the spine in longer lifecycle of book where normal paper fails. Higher the creping stronger would be the spine of the book.

  • High strength base papers made from pure pulp are used to ensure excellent quality.
  • Crepe papers are free from pinholes, Black/foam spots, dirt & other impurities.
  • Uniform creping pattern.
  • Crepe paper is flexible enough to facilitate various preparations.
  • For Hardcover book binding applications
Brief specifications:
  • GSM : 70/75, 90/95 Gsm / custom
  • Width: Upto 2000mm/ small custom sizes
  • Color : Brown & White
Color Tissue Crepe Paper

Decorations/ Entertainment preparations always demand for the material with beautiful bright colors, flexible for use & yet don’t load on pockets.

Colored crepe papers are economical solutions for such industry. During crepe paper manufacturing, the paper is impregnated through a tray containing colored solution.

  • Base papers used are of excellent quality.
  • Colored crepe papers are free from pinholes, Black/foam spots, dirt & other impurities.
  • Uniform creping pattern for pleasant look.
  • Carefully selected colors gives beautiful & bright appearance.
  • Crepe paper is flexible enough to facilitate various preparations.
  • We use only eco-friendly Color/dyes that does not harm environment.
  • For streamers and decorations/ Entertainment preparations.
Brief specifications:
  • GSM : 80 Gsm
  • Width: Upto 2000mm/ small custom sizes
Seed Germination Grade Crepe Paper

With the promulgation of Seed Act 1966, it has become compulsory for all seed producers to attach label to seed containers indicating quality of seeds. For certifications, it is essential to develop a seed germination test on suitable substrates, so that growth of the roots could be investigated within stipulated time without any adverse effect. The purpose of laboratory testing of seed germination is to assess seed quality or viability and to predict performance of the seed and seedling in the field.

Crepe Paper acts as soil media during this testings. Its structure is designed to hold large amount of water for longer durations. Material composition is such that it will not harm the delicate growing roots of seeds in any way during the testing period.


90 gsm germination grade kraft / 5-10 Creping %

  • We provide excellent quality crepe free from pinholes, foam spots, dirt & other impurities which may affect seed germination adversely.
  • We use only long fibred base kraft to have open / porous structure.
  • It has high water absorption potential that could retain large amount of water for longer durations.
  • Good wet strength.
  • Available with/without antibacterial properties.

As a soil media for testing of seeds in labs.

Brief specifications:
  • Basis Weight - Std. 100/ 150 Gsm
  • Sheet size - Std. 16” X 18” / Custom
Electric Insulation Grade Crepe Paper

This specially designed crepe paper is used as insulation in the manufacturing of oil-immersed transformers and current transformers of types IMB, CT, CVT, etc. for making leads and shields.

The power transformer, an important piece of power transmission equipment, is the core component of the power system. Its main component is insulation. It plays triple role of Dielectric Barrier, Mechanical Support, Heat Escape Route. The reliability of a power transformer is largely determined by its insulation condition.


3, 3.5, 4 Mill EI grade Kraft / 50 -200 Creping %

  • Base paper has 100% pure sulphate cellulose. Also shows neutral behaviors with low ash, chloride and sulphate contents. It has uniform formation & is 100% unbleached sulphate conifer wood pulp.
  • The paper has 200% more strength in mechanical and cross mechanical directions and hence is more resistant to breakage.
  • Crepe paper has greater surface area which helps to retain more oil and hence lowers the working temperature of the transformer.
  • Compliance to IEC standard.
  • Can also be used as insulation in cables.

Electric insulation grade crepe paper can be advantageously used as insulation media for oil transformers by achieving marginal economy. Its quality directly influences the lifespan of the transformer. It is widely used as an insulation in the manufacturing of current transformers of types IMB, CT, CVT, etc.

Brief Specifications:
  • Base Paper Thickness - Std. 3 Mil / Custom
  • Creping % - Std. 100 % / Custom
  • Width - Std. 50 mm / Custom
Special Grades of Crepe Paper

Crepe paper is a popular packaging solution due its increased strength, cushioning properties and affordable cost.


Crepe paper has troughs and crests in its structure that gives it a cushioning effect. It also gives high mechanical strength. The crepe paper conforms well around curved surfaces so it does not tear due to high stress conditions. Its physical structure also gives it anti-slip properties. These properties make crepe paper a preferred choice of our customers.

  • Creping pattern provides Cushioning effect.
  • Good conformability to curved surfaces.
  • High tear resistance.
  • Uniform creping pattern for pleasant look.
  • Available in two options: High strength for tough use OR ordinary grade for normal use.
  • Good holding to packed substrates.
  • Economical packing solution.

Safepack offers special grades of crepe paper that serves various industries as below:

1. Crepe Paper for Al profile packing
For all the Aluminum extrusion profile manufactures, storage and transportation requires a packing material that provides a scratch prone surface of Al profiles. Crepe paper is excellent choice for this application.

  • Creping patterns provides cushioning effect and protects the surface from scratches during storage & transportation.
  • Good conformability to curved surfaces. High tear resistance.
  • Available in printed form for brand recognition.

2. Crepe Paper for Bag Stitching Applications
Fabric laminated paper bags for powdered material packaging requires leak-proof stitching to ensure that material does not leak through stitched areas. Crepe paper pieces inserted during stitching holds thread firmly at stitching area and forms a leak-proof product.

  • Uniform creping pattern to offers uniform stitching area.
  • Available in recycled/ ordinary grade and HS grades.

3. Crepe Paper for fragile good packing
Crepe paper due to its physical structure offers excellent cushioning and thereby is a popular choice for fragile good manufacturers.

  • It has increased strength & has ability to conform well around curved surfaces.
  • Wrapping of irregular surfaces without tearing.
  • It is economical & eco-friendly packaging option as compared to Plastic Packing materials like air bubble films, foams etc.
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