Aluminium Barrier Packaging Solution

Aluminium Triple Laminate

If your cargo is precious to you then using traditional polythene film is doing more harm than you expect. It permits moisture, odor, oxygen, corrosion, UV radiation, acids, alkalis from outside & loses aroma & product-life.

To help protect your product from any external harm, Safepack brings to you ….. Safefoil - Bringing glitter to your top & bottom-line. Safefoil is a specially designed multilayer laminate consisting of High-strength Polyester Film, Aluminum Foil & Co-extruded polymer designed to give excellent barrier properties, delivering to your customers a product as good as is at point of manufacturing.

  • WVTR 80 times lower than 500 gauge poly
  • Top in the class protection against moisture, oxygen transmission, corrosion, physical damage, odor transfer, UV radiation, chemicals.
  • Corrosion is kept at a bay by maintaining humidity level below 40 RH.
  • Overall cost reduction by way of reduced desiccant/preservatives, packing case cost and rejections due to corrosion and spoilage of packed products.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Bulk Drugs
  • Machinery Packaging
  • X-ray machines/Optical and Electronic instruments
  • Engines and Transmission assemblies
  • Transformers
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Chemicals and Dyes
  • Foodstuffs
  • Rubber Compounds, Polymer Granules etc.
Triple laminate with black PE film

Safepack triple laminate with black poly film is a flexible, heat-sealable, high barrier and light resistant laminate of Polyester, Aluminium foil & black polyethylene film.

  • Black poly film provides excellent barrier to light.
  • Black poly film also imparts antistatic properties to the laminate.
  • It gives excellent protection against OTR, physical damage, odour transfer, UV protection, oils, grease, acid & alkalies.
  • Excellent barrier with good seal integrity and outstanding tear strength.
Applications Industries:
  • For packaging of light sensitive items.
  • For packaging of X-ray films.
  • Packaging of light sensitive pharmaceutical products.
  • Packaging of electronic components.
Brief specifications:
  • Grammage - 125 gsm / Custom
  • Width -
    • Jumbo reel form 5000 mm max
    • Slitted coils – As per the requirements, Tailor made rolls and tubings, etc.
    • Sheet form – As per the requirement 1200 mm (CD) X 1400 mm (MD) (Max sheet dimensions available)
Scrim Reinforced Aluminium Barrier Foil Laminate

Safepack Scrim Reinforced Aluminium Barrier Foil Laminate has exceptional strength, flexibility, heat-sealable properties and more. It is a water vapour resistant barrier foil laminate of Aluminum and Polyethylene reinforced with Polyester scrim. It is a packing material preferred for seaworthy exports. The material is zero atmosphere vacuum packed.

  • Performs by maintaining humidity level below 40 RH inside the package.
  • 80 times better performance than polyethylene at keeping moisture out.
  • Reduced desiccant and labour savings mean an overall cost reduction.
  • Gives excellent protection against: Oxygen transmission, Physical damage, Biological damage, Odour transfer, Ultra Violet radiations, Chemical breakdown, Oils and Greases, Acids and Alkalies.
  • Excellent for packing & storage of hygroscopic powders and other products.
  • Exceptional strength achieved by incorporating bidirectional scrim. This scrim restrict the propagation of crack thru the laminate.
  • Custom made products produced and delivered quickly in form of rolls/ 2D pouches/ 3D bags in different styles.
  • MIL B 131 H TYPE 1 CLASS
  • B. DEF STANDARD 81 – 75/ 2 TYPE 1 GRADE A
  • Construction of laminate
    White LLDPE film : 90 gsm
    Reinforcement (scrim) : 06 gsm
    Bonding layer : 03 gsm
    Aluminum foil : 19 gsm
    Bonding layer : 03 gsm
    PET film : 17 gsm
    Total gsm : 138 gsm
    Trade Tolerance : +/- 5%
  • Standard Sizes available
    Rolls : Width 0.75m & 1.00m Length 100 Lm
  • Forms available
    Bags : Box Bags with Centre seal / Base sheet/ Lid / Zipper/ Attached Lid & Flat Bags. Custom rolls & bags can be made on request.
  • Applications
    Rubber Compounds & Dyes Electronic Assemblies
    FIBC Liners Masterbatches
    Pharmaceuticals X-Ray Machines
    Polymer granules etc. Automotive Components
    Transformers Foodstuffs
    Chemicals Optical & Electronic Instruments
    Computers Aerospace Machinery Packaging
    Base laminate for adhesive tapes Engines & Transmission Assemblies
Triple laminate with antistatic film

Multi-layered, Aluminum foil laminated, high barrier, anti static Flexible packaging Material

Safepack metallised static shielding bags are designed to protect your sensitive electronic devices. These bags meet industrial & military standards.

An aluminum foil (barrier layer) is sandwiched between outer layer of static dissipative coating flexible polyester film & the inner sealant is a static dissipative polythene film. The outer layer provides puncture, abrasion and tear resistance while the inner sealant layer provides the true shielding for static sensitive devices by generation of static charges. The foil layer provides maximum barrier capacities against the transmission of water vapor and other gasses.

It is applied to vacuum packing systems for high sensitive semiconductor or elements, chemicals, gunpowder, apparatus.These bags can be manufactured keeping metal size in & metal side out as required

It gives outstanding surface resistivity of 1010 - 1012 Ω.

Detail Information

Description :
  • For products in need of electrostatic isolation property, by eliminating electrostatic from outer packaging.
  • Good tensile strength, excellent moisture, gas and light barrier properties.
  • Marvelous vacuum pouch for instrument and sample.
  • Multilayered structure provide excellent puncture & tear resistance.
  • LDPE layer provide good sealability.
  • IC circuit board LSI & flammable chemical articles requiring electrostatic & moisture resistance. outer packaging for IC circuit board
  • Semiconductor and electronic parts & accessories.
  • Computer hardware & delicate electronic components.
Triple laminate with VCI film
Triple laminate with VCI film (Safefoil with VCI poly)

Safepack triple laminate with VCI film is a flexible, heat-sealable, high barrier & corrosion resistant laminate of Polyester, Aluminium foil & VCI polyethylene.

  • Pet/ Al Foil/ VCI Poly
  • It is a high stiffness special grade safefoil with VCI anti corrosion protection.
  • It gives excellent protection against OTR, physical damage, odour transfer, UV protection, Oils, Grease, Acid & Alkalies.
Applications Industries:
  • Defence and Aerospace
  • Machine components & Machinery Packaging
  • Packaging of sea worthy export items which requires rust protection.
  • X-ray machines
  • Optical and Electronic instruments
Brief specifications:
  • Grammage - 135 gsm / Custom
  • Width -
    • Jumbo reel form 5000 mm max
    • Slitted coils – As per the requirements, 2D pouches & 3D bags in roll form , etc.
    • Sheet form – As per the requirement 1200 mm (CD) X 1400 mm (MD) (Max sheet dimensions available)
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