Safepack offers transport packaging solutions that offer protection to goods in transit. Our packaging materials account various transit stages & protects goods from external environmental elements till it reaches final destination.
Corrugation Liners

About 40 percent of products are being damaged or lost due to poor packaging in India. When any corrugated board is exposed to humidity, the moisture can easily penetrate and migrate into the individual paper substrates of the corrugated board sheet. Moisture migration into the liner and fluting substrates of a box construction can cause a reduction in total strength of the box.

Safepack Industries offers a range of barrier liner materials that improves the properties & thereby performance of corrugated board boxes. Our barrier materials prevent moisture migration & improves compression and stacking strength and also increases stiffness and dimensional stability of the boxes.

These liners can be used as an outer or inner layer of corrugated board boxes or both. It suits all types of fluting profiles, as well as different types of corrugated board: single wall, double wall and triple wall. The products protect the content of boxes from humidity, grease and mechanical stress. They offer protection for the box itself, against moisture migration from the packed goods when the contents are moist, wet & greasy

  • Kraft/ PE/ Kraft
  • PET/ PE/ Kraft
  • Kraft / Special chemical coating
  • Excellent barrier properties that prevent moisture migration & prevent collapsing of box.
  • Liner improves compression and stacking strength of the boxes.
  • These liners due to its high strength increases stiffness of the walls.
  • It also offers dimensional stability to the boxes.
  • Boxes made from these liners are durable.
  • Liners for making an outer or inner layer of corrugated board boxes
Brief specifications:
  • Basis Weight – Gsm/ Custom
  • Width -
    • Jumbo reel form mm - mm
Fibre Drum Liner
Sandwich laminated board for Fiberboard Drum

Fiberboard drums & octabins are popular alternative to metal/ plastic drums. Fiberboard drums are lightweight, elegant & high in strength. These robust packs, provides optimal protection to various chemical, pharmaceutical and food products. These properties make it popular every other day.

We at Safepack, offers Al foil sandwich laminated papers & sandwich laminated boards for manufacturing fiberboard drums & composite cans. Al foil imparts excellent barrier properties to these containers and prevents any aroma, flavor and moisture loss from the products. It also extends shelf life of the product and reduces the need for any additional loose inner liners.

  • Board/ PE/ Board
  • Board/ PE/ Al foil/ PE
  • Cost-effective alternative to rigid packaging of bulk products
  • Tough and resilient, yet lightweight
  • Laminate is resistance to water vapor, gas, light and aroma and is also pilfer and tamper proof.
  • Low tare weight makes handling & transportation economical
  • Containers manufactured from our laminate are of high strength & are easily stackable.
  • Can be attractively decorated with printing on surface / printed labels.
  • It effectively replaces need of metal and plastic drums.
Composite cans, Fibre drums & octabins manufactured from our laminate are being used for packing of:
  • Bulk drugs.
  • Dyes and pigments.
  • Food products.
  • Engineering products.
  • Chemicals.
  • Packing of adhesives, dyestuffs and colourants.
  • Fragrances and Flavours & Pesticides.
  • And many more!!!
Brief specifications:
  • Grammage - Std.160 & 220 gsm / Custom up to 500gsm
  • Width -
    • Jumbo reel form 1850 mm max
    • Slitted coils – As per the requirement
    • Sheet form – As per the requirement
      Max cutting Width 1400mm
      Max Cutting Length 1200mm
High Heat Resistant Separator Laminate

The fragrance market is showing a steady growth during last few years due to growing importance towards personal grooming & appearance coupled with increasing consumer spendings on beauty and wellness products.

A need to protect the aesthetics of the package till it reaches consumer is absolute necessity of the industry. Present packing standards fails to comply this need since after filling hot contents, due to temperature the separator walls in box tend to melt & stick to the glass bottles spoiling the aesthetics.

In order to protect aesthetics, the paperboard coated with High Heat Resistant polymer from both the sides. This laminate is then being used for preparing separators in CFB boxes. These separators prevent sticking to glass bottles & protects premium grade perfume bottles during storage & transport.

  • HHR PE/ Paperboard/ HHR PE
  • Excellent strength of laminate offers complete package safety throughout the lifecycle.
  • Special polymers having high heat resistancy avoid sticking of separator walls to bottles.
  • This polymer layer has low COF that helps to hold the bottles in place.
  • During manufacturing no solvents & chemicals are used therefore no occurrence of solvent odor that may otherwise imparts foul smell to the perfume bottles.

Laminate for making High Heat Resistant Separator Liner for CFB boxes.

Brief specifications:
  • Basis Weight – Gsm/ Custom
  • Width -
    • Jumbo reel form mm - mm
Monocarton Laminate
Barrier Liner Board for Monocartons

Corrugated board and solid board industries face a specific challenge during developing the appropriate packaging for packing metal products since the packaging material used should provide protection against moisture, grease, oil and other external influences. Excellent printing properties is often an important factor during designing the box apart from special attention on critical physical properties like stiffness, burst and compression strength in moist conditions.

Safe-Barrier Liner is a unique laminate of duplex board sandwich laminated with kraft liner for heavy duty cartons. Each layer plays a unique role as mentioned below:
Duplex board - Provides excellent base for printing applications
High strength Kraft liner - Improves the compression, stacking strength and increases stiffness and dimensional stability of carton.
Special polymer layer - Provides effective protection against moisture, grease & oil.

Cartons formed using this is an ideal solution for packaging of special metal parts/ spare parts of automobile industry for safe storage & transport.


Duplex board/ Polymer/ Kraftliner

  • Excellent dimensional stability and protection
  • Dual packaging benefits, moisture, oil & grease barrier externally and special custom coatings like anticorrosive/ water repellent internally as per requirement
  • Much better burst, compression and tear strength
  • Excellent processability on all conventional as well as high speed cartoning / packaging lines
  • Cost effective and economical packaging solution
  • Environment friendly & recyclable
Monocartons manufactured using this laminate can be used for:
  • Packaging of metal components like bearings & automotive spare parts
  • Packaging of welding electrodes, electronic items & electrical boards
Brief specifications:
  • Grammage - Std. 400 & 500gsm / custom up to 500gsm max
  • Width -
    • Jumbo reel form 900 mm - 1850 mm
    • Slitted coils – As per the requirement
    • Sheet form – As per the requirement
      Max Cutting Width 1400mm
      Max Cutting Length 1200mm
Multiwall Sack Liner

Hygroscopic & hazardous nature of powdered chemicals & drug formulations often leads to lump formation & deterioration of properties in case of failure of packaging system during transit.

Considering the hygroscopic nature of chemicals, laminate is designed in such a way that it imparts excellent moisture barrier to multiwall sacks. Alu barrier foil is used as one of layer of laminate which imparts barrier properties to the laminate. Apart from this, laminate can also be manufactured with antistatic property to ensure free flow by avoiding sticking of chemical to sack wall thus saving time & reducing losses due to sticking. For easy tube making process we have also kept uncoated area so as to facilitate pasting.


Paper/ PE / Alu foil / PE

Features :
  • Barrier laminate ensures packed product safety by avoiding lump formation & deterioration of properties & also the aroma retention.
  • Laminates key-attribute is 20 mm uncoated area at one edge used for pasting paper to paper for excellent machinability on sack-tube forming machine.
  • High strength & high stiffness to avoid failure during transit.
  • Excellent machinability on tube forming machine.
  • As an intermediate laminate for packaging of chemical ingredients like ammonium nitrate, calcium phosphate, carbon black & Bulk drugs dyes etc.
  • Packaging of agricultural products, fertilizers, pesticides & fungicides.
Brief Specifications:
  • Basis Weight - 195 Gsm / Custom
  • Width -
    • Jumbo reel form 900 mm - 1200 mm
    • Slitted coils - As per the requirement
Reinforced Envelops
Safepack Envelope Laminate

Every day, envelopes provide a highly effective and useful way to send important information and items to others, whether from home or from work. With the exceptional durability & elegancy, envelopes made from Safe-envelop wrapper can help to increase the effectiveness of important mailings & assurance that the contents and your message will be delivered.

Safepack offers laminated papers that gives good barrier against moisture & water along with exceptional strength.

The laminate consists of elegant paper as main substrate, criss-cross plastic scrim to offer dimensional stability & Polyethylene coating to offer moisture barrier along with heat sealability to laminate.

  • Safe-envelop wrapper is water/ moisture resistance.
  • Laminate gives excellent processability (Die cutting, folding, printing etc.) on all conventional as well as high speed envelope lines.
  • It has excellent dimensional stability & absences of curling make processing easier.
  • Very good glueability/ sealability as applicable.
  • Laminate is made from elegant papers that give appealing aesthetics.
  • Reinforcement by scrims imparts exceptional high tensile & tear strength.
  • Light weight laminate that reduces cost of mailing.
  • Customize colors & special surfaces selection offers vide choices to customers.
  • Much improved durability & wet strength.
  • Envelope made from safe-envelop wrapper assurances safety of document inside in any diverse condition.

Safepack offers various laminates that are being widely used for Envelop manufacturing

1. Polycoated Paper Laminates
  • Safepack offers elegant papers coated using LDPE polymer.
  • High strength paper is being used.
  • Coating of polymers makes this laminate moisture & water proof.
  • Poly also offers heat sealability.
  • The laminate produced is dimensionally stable structure i.e. it does not have curling effect.
  • Polycoated systems offers higher processing speeds as one can availed heat sealing by machining.
  • Its economical grade laminate.
2. Scrim Reinforced Paper Laminates
  • Safepack offers reinforced Polycoated paper laminate for envelope industry.
  • Coating of polymers makes this laminate moisture & water proof.
  • Poly also offers heat sealability.
  • For reinforcement Bi/ Tri directional scrims inserted during manufacturing.
  • These scrim increases strength of the laminate to make it tear resistance & to make it durable.
  • The laminate produced is dimensionally stable structure i.e. it does not have curling effect.
  • Laminate used to manufacture envelopes that are required for sending important office documents & certificates.
3. Scrim Reinforced Sandwich laminate
  • For high performance requirements of envelope. We at Safepack offers scrim reinforced sandwich laminate that exceeds expectations.
  • Elegant papers laminated by LDPE & reinforcement by scrim insertions makes this laminate a perfect mailing media.
  • Two different papers can be laminated together giving laminate a very decent look.
  • Moisture, water barrier property along with exceptional high strength & yet giving traditional look are key performance properties.
  • This laminate is very popular for sending important lightweight articles & documents.
  • The markets have shown great interest in this tough mailing material, particularly in the growing field of e-commerce, where extremely strong mailing material is in high demand.
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