Functional Chemical Coatings

Safepack offers various water/solvent based speciality functional coatings on Paper/Film substrates like Anti mold/anti fungal coating, water/oil/grease resistant coating, Si release coating, remoistunable/water activated gum coating, easy/clean peelable masking adhesive coatings and various other custom coatings
Polycoated and/or Antimold Treated Stiffener Board

Safepack offers Stiffener Board as an Inner Liner of Soap Wrapper that effectively addresses problem of loss of moisture & fungal infection to bath soap packed.

Our ARSR grade stiffener boards have improved strength in MD direction that can be effectively wrapped around the lateral side of bath soap bar. These boards are used in packaging bath soap as they are less prone to deformation along the lateral sides. This makes the stiffener characteristics more suitable for retaining the envelope wrapped shape of the package to a significant, ensuring it reaches the customer in the same condition.

Our wrapper categories are:

I. Polycoated Stiffener Board
II. Antimould treated Stiffener Board
III. Polycoated & Antimould treated Stiffener Board

I. Polycoated Stiffener Board
Soap bar contains free water in the form of moisture when wrapped. Normal board stiffener loses its strength after it becomes wet. The ability to protect the soap during transit will therefore be reduced.

Coating of LDPE on the Stiffener board provides strength to the wrapper & therein turns reduce failure of package dramatically. This also acts as a barrier to outer moist environment & prevents further moisture uptake by board.They also prevent or reduce loss of aroma/ perfume and volatile components from the soap bar.

II. Antimould treated Stiffener Board Since cellulose, which is the major constituent of paper, is an excellent growth medium for mould/ fungus particularly under moist warm manufacturing conditions, the use of a fungicide/ Antimold coating is essential in soap packaging to prevent spoilage.

To maintain hygiene & prevent fungus growth on soap wrapper we treat stiffener with Intace Antimold Technology. This special coating effectively addresses the problem of mould attack on bath soap bar. Below picture shows action of Antimold coated stiffener over normal stiffeners.

III. Polycoated & Antimould treated Stiffener Board Soap Inner Liner Mould attack is accelerated by warm moist conditions and as a soap bar contains free water when first wrapped, the wrapper and stiffener are initially very wet. Studies have found that if soap bar is wrapped around with a stiffener member coated with antimould coatings and at least respective outer surfaces are each protected by a plastics material, then mould growth on and within it can be entirely avoided. Thus improves shelf life of soap bar. For the same we provide single side or double side polycoated stiffeners as per requirements.


Grade of Stiffner : ARSR (Alkali & Soap Resistant)
Gsm of Board : 115/ 130/ 140/ 160 Gsm
Width : Smaller width coils as per customer’s requirement


As inner liner for bath soap wrapper.

Environmental Concern:

Manufactured under strict ISO 9001-2008 norms, it does not contain substances which are considered dangerous to health, neither in the production phase nor in the use of end product. It can be recycled and is 100% environment friendly.


Any unwanted movement of stored goods during transportation & transit can compromise not only safety but can incurre heavy losses.

Antiskid paper is a stabilization solution that prevents this unwanted movement by unitizing loads. Its special cohesiveness prevents slippage of palletized loads upto 30° slide angle.

  • Its higher coefficient of friction offers 30° slide angle. This helps to speed up transportation & transit of goods
  • Can be used on automatic dispensers due to its non-adhesive & non-porous nature.
  • Reduction of damage during handling of goods (internal and external transportation, handling and storage), Reduction of logistics costs & Reduction of work place accidents.
  • It can also be treated to achieve moisture/ water barrier & Antirust properties.
  • It reduces damaged goods and complaints.
  • Economical due to high durability & reusability.
  • Recyclable.
  • Typical application includes shipping of cases, cartons, pallets and bags with a slick finish such as a varnish or gloss coating..
Brief specifications:
  • Basis Weight - 90 Gsm / Custom
  • Form Available - Jumbo reel/ Slitted coils/ Sheet form.
  • Coating side - Single/ Bothside.

Cold seal/ cohesive kraft paper is an ideal solution for industrial packing house for efficient and safe packaging of spare parts in automobile or furniture industry.

It is special adhesive coated kraft papers that sticks to itself & shows no tack with other substrates. Cold-sealing papers are designed to seal instantly by pressure without any heat.

The self-sealing coating leaves no traces of residue on the product after release. Thus saves you from the costly and time intensive task of removing residue from unnecessary fasteners like tapes or staples attached to your items that may cause damage to the product you pack in it.

The paper protects the product from dust and dirt, allows the part to be held on the support and prevents abrasion.

  • No sealing arrangements/ systems are required.
  • High sealing temperatures are not required.
  • Higher packaging speeds since application is fast, either by hand or with a machine.
  • Cohesive packaging equipment is relatively inexpensive.
  • It can also be treated to achieve Antirust properties.
  • It reduces damaged goods and complaints.
  • Economical since saves time, labor and material
  • Recyclable.
  • Typical application includes Packing of Auto-components, E-Commerce packaging (e.g. books, CDs, etc.) & as a quick furniture wrap in the furniture industry.
Brief specifications:
  • Basis Weight - 90 Gsm / Custom
  • Form Available - Jumbo reel/ Slitted coils/ Sheet form.

Masking film is pressure sensitive adhesive backed film. Mainly used in painting industry to mask of the areas that are not suppose to be painted The adhesive is the key element to its usefulness, as it allows the tape to be easily removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface to which it is applied. Films with masking adhesive backed can be used for more rigorous applications compared to masking papers.

It is also very popular amongst all aluminum metal part manufactures as it offers very good abrasion resistance of surfaces without ghosting of adhesives on removal.

However masking film can basically be used for any purpose required of it, and is not limited solely to painting & aluminum metal part manufactures needs.

Features :
  • Safepack easy to handle Masking films are high performance, high temperature performers.
  • Safepack masking solutions provides firm adhesion to applied surfaces & leaves clear, residuless surfaces on removal.
  • Masking film when applied surfaces over glass like items it protects the surface from scratches. It’s a popular choice for glass screen protection industry.
  • Can be installed manually, no heat application is required.
  • All aluminum metal part manufactures & converters found the film very useful as it resist abrasion of the surface. The products to be masked are Al. door panels, Al. Chimneys, Al. composite panels like Golden Al./ Sand. Poly/ Silver Al. etc.
  • In painting industry masking film is very useful for defining painting boarder lines.
  • Masking film gives elegant look of excellent quality packing with good branding of manufacturer direct to the end customer.
  • Aluminum Metal part industry
  • Painting industry
  • Glass surfaces/ screen protection
  • Many more….
Environmental Concern

Manufactured under strict ISO 9001-2008 norms, SP-Masking products does not contain substances which are considered as dangerous to the health, neither in the production phase of the film, nor in the use of the end product . It can be recycled both as material and as energy.


Safepack Ind. Ltd. specializes in various special/custom coatings on versatile substrates (Paper/ film/ foil). Safepack special barrier chemical coated kraft liners are designed to give Water & Grease resistance with low odor & low MVTR properties to use in various food & non food packagings applications.

  • In many applications, these coated kraft liners can replace costly, non-recyclable curtain coated/ poly-laminated liner boards & plastic bags.
  • Coated paper that are used for folding cartons, boxboard grades, & liner boards used in corrugated packagings.
  • Coated papers can be used for moisture retention when used on the interior surface or to prevent moisture penetrations into container when used on the exterior surface.
  • Coated liners are printable, repulpable, recyclable, cold-set glueable, and FDA compliant as well.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Gsm of Paper : Custom (As per customer’s requirement)
  • Coating Gsm : 5-6 Gsm
  • Width : Up to 2000 mm
  • Forms available : Jumbo reels/ Sheet/ Slitted coils.

Typical application includes roll wrap for fine papers, multi-wall bags, produce & poultry boxes, frozen meat patty boxes, archival storage & in few cases for corrosion sensitive products.

Environmental Concern:

Manufactured under ISO 9001-2008 environment. It does not contain substances which are considered as dangerous to the health, neither in the production phase nor in the use of end product. It can be recycled both as material and energy. Use of polymers is kept to the bare minimum making this product environment friendly.


The extensive range of release liners has been developed to meet the versatile needs of various release liner applications. Safepack offers release liner solutions based on a wide variety of paper and film substrates. We offer 1850 mm width seamless release liners which is first time in India.

Solvent base/Solvent less silicone compound coating and thermo heater curing method are used to optimize the release properties of the final product. The Base paper and silicone formulation are selected to give the required specific properties suitable to each intended individual applications. Our technical experts are at your door to select and develop the right solution to match your production processes and end-use requirements.


Safepack offers polycoated release liners White/brown paper/PE/Silicone

  • Consistent release value
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Lay flat
  • Surface smoothness
  • Strength properties
  • Printing up to 2 colour

Graphic Art / Tapes & label Industries / Envelop Industry

Brief Specification
  • Basis Weight : 40Gsm – 150Gsm / Custom
  • Width : 1850mm max / slitted coils
  • Colour : White, brown/custom
  • Surface finish of Polymer: Mirror & Matte.
  • Polymer used : Lower density Polyethylene.

Water activated/ Remoistunable Adhesive Coated Paper has high tack, water-activated, modified adhesive system on a paper backing.

Remoistunable adhesive coated papers are commonly utilized where it is desired to provide a dry adhesive film which on moistened with water will become tacky and thereby allow for the ready adhesions of the coated product to variety of substrates.

The beauty of this product is, on remoistening the special adhesive penetrate right into the surface of substrate & create total bond. It becomes an integral part of the system & adds strength to it. Very useful for dusty environments where the adhesive on activation bond securely on the surface, keeping your packed products clean from dirt and dust.

This remoistenability characteristic is also desired in the areas where there is need to clean the surface after use without damaging it. Other adhesive-paper system form a layer on surface that could not be easily washed away thereby damages the surface.


High strength, superior quality paper is being used as a backing. Additional strength can be imparted by using scrim reinforced laminated backings. Coating can be done on wide varieties of papers.

High tack, water-activated, modified adhesives are being used for manufacturing that gives readily reversible systems.

Gives good bond to a wide range of products, including soiled and dusty cartons, gypsum boards & many other alikes. Great in dusty environment.

Adhesive & paper used are made from natural renewable resources thus makes the product eco-friendly.


It provides a strong bond to a wide variety of surfaces in industries like,

  • General industrial
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Medical pharmaceutical
  • Paper
  • Printing
  • Electronics
  • Other distribution centers
  • Width : Upto 2000mm
  • Form Available : Jumbo reels/ Slitted Coils / Sheets
Environmental Aspects:

Manufactured under strict ISO 9001-2008 norms, It does not contain substances which are considered as dangerous to the health, neither in the production phase, nor in the use of the end product. It can be recycled both as material and as energy.

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