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Safepack offers various water/solvent based speciality functional coatings on Paper/Film substrates like Anti mold/anti fungal coating, water/oil/grease resistant coating, Si release coating, remoistunable/water activated gum coating, easy/clean peelable masking adhesive coatings and various other custom coatings

Cold Seal Paper

Cold seal/ cohesive kraft paper is an ideal solution for industrial packing house for efficient and safe packaging of spare parts in automobile or furniture industry.

It is special adhesive coated kraft papers that sticks to itself & shows no tack with other substrates. Cold-sealing papers are designed to seal instantly by pressure without any heat.

The self-sealing coating leaves no traces of residue on the product after release. Thus saves you from the costly and time intensive task of removing residue from unnecessary fasteners like tapes or staples attached to your items that may cause damage to the product you pack in it.

The paper protects the product from dust and dirt, allows the part to be held on the support and prevents abrasion.

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