Sr. PU Foam Industry Imaging industry Polymers/ Chemicals/ Fertilizers/ Rubbers products / Dyes Construction Refractories / Hygroscopic Powders Soap/ Shampoos& Detergents Banks/Administrative Bodies/Courier Agencies / Stationary PSA Tapes
1 Peelable Kraft Base laminate for photographic paper Safe Foil Insulation facing laminates Sandwich Kraft paper Polycoated OLB/Glassine/chromo Envelop laminate Polycoated Kraft Paper
2 Sandwich Kraft paper Polycoated OLB/Glassine Sandwich Kraft Paper
3 Black PE coated kraft Plain / Polycoated Crepe Paper Remoistunable gum coated paper Antimould treated stiffener Remoistunable gum coated paper Multilayerd Scrim Reinforced Laminates
4 High Barrier Packaging – Film/Foil Based Plain/ Polycoated Crepe Paper
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